I Mai 2019 |

Trois artistes – deux photographes et un peintre – nous proposent leur vision de la Cité, des instantanés qui touchent au domaine de l’evanescent, où le jeu des ombres, des dégradés de couleurs, des flous et reflets traduisent en silence les vibrations d’un monde qui nous enveloppe lorsque pris dans ses flux et reflux.



photo: Sonia Fitoussi

The Silent City is an exhibition of street photography and painting at a venue in London’s Mayfair during June 2019. The exhibition brings together about 90 works from three individuals who share a
common interest in observing and recording the beguiling beauty which can be found in our city streets. The visual elements have been abstracted from the city chaos which assaults our senses, not least our hearing. The absence of noise intensifies the visual impact of what remains; hence the exhibition’s title.

Sonia Fitoussi is a French-born photographer living in London. Originally qualifying and working as a lawyer in Paris, she has been a practising portrait and cityscape photographer for over fifteen years. Her candid street photography is characterised by a keen eye for colour and texture, Often combined with witty and affecting human juxtapositions. Her work is a delightful fusion of French charm and British humour that never fails to raise the spirits (and a smile). Sonia has had several previous exhibitions in the UK and France.

Stephen Brook is an established English artist based in London. Although not fitting into a specific artistic movement, his cityscape artwork has been compared with Edward Hopper inasmuch as they are views of iconic urban street scenes. Yet Stephen’s paintings are more dynamic and impressionistic than realist. However, the paintings are certainly photographic and his play with light incidence is fascinating. Stephen has exhibited in numerous galleries both in the UK and the US.

David Goold describes himself as a ‘lunchtime photographer’ which betrays a Career as a professional geologist. Born in Scotland, David commutes to London where, for the past decade, he has made a record of his experiences outside of his work environment. David’S photographic Style seems to bridge and complement the work of his two co-exhibitors; in addition to classic, storytelling street photography, he also works with slow shutter speeds and in-camera multiple exposures to
create impressionistic photographs reminiscent of paintings. This is David’s first exhibition in the UK.

The exhibition runs from 3rd to 9th June at 54 The Gallery, Shepard Market, Mayfair, just 5 minutes’ walk from Green Park underground station. The artwork on display is for sale and there are books of photographs available to accompany the two photographers’ contributions.



Mayfair, London Sw1J 7QX

Du 3 au 9 juin 2019
tous les jours de 10h à 22h, sauf le dimanche 9 juin – fermeture à 13h30

Private view: Lundi 3 juin de 17h à 22h

Soirée Évènementielle : Jeudi 6 juin de 17h à 22h



Sonia Fitoussi

Une petite note particulière de la Rédaction de L’ECHO Magazine pour féliciter Sonia Fitoussi, photographe française qui depuis de nombreuses années arpente les rues de notre capitale, et illustre de ses beaux clichés de plus en plus régulièrement les pages de notre magazine !

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