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Campus France UK

Inauguration of Campus France UK at the Résidence de France, with French Ambassador Jean-Pierre Jouyet, Ms Khaiat, Ms Stern and Mr Lévy

The Lauch of Campus France UK

The French Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Jean-Pierre Jouyet, was entertaining in the elegant salons of the Résidence de France this Friday, May 10th, 2019.

The occasion: the launch of Campus FranceUK, in company of Ms Béatrice Khaiat, General Director of Campus France; Ms Matilde Lerebourgs, Head of Campus France UK; Ms Vivienne, Director of Universities UK International (UUKi); Patrick Lévy, Europe Committee President of the Conference of University President (CPU); and two alumni sharing their experience of having studied both in France and the UK. Amongst the guests were French and British universities and schools representatives, alumni and students, and members of higher education institutions from both countries.


A public institution

Campus France is a public institution in charge of promoting French Higher Education abroad, encouraging mobility of students and researchers between partner countries, and facilitating cooperation in education and research programmes, the implementation of scholarships, and the development of alumni networks. Choose France is the new initiative that France is taking to encourage foreign students to consider the Hexagon as a place of first choice to study for a future successful career.

Examples of cooperation at higher Education and scientific research levels between France and the UK are multiple: from the “Entente Cordiale “ Franco-British Council Scholarship programme created in 1995 with seven postgraduate British students studying in France in 2019; to the four researchers from the UK currently working on core environmental issues within French President Emmanuel Macron ‘s Make our Planet Great Again initiative; or the five projects fostering the mobility of researchers between the UK and France under Partenariat Hubert Curien Alliance supervision; but also co-organising events such as European Higher Education International Fairs or implementing EU-funded projects (Study in Europe, Share, HOPES, etc).

Campus France counts offices in more than 125 countries and its presence in the UK was long overdue, as stressed Ms Khaiat.
In fact, France and the United Kingdom research cooperation is by far one of the most prolific between two European countries: 3rd in scientific projects.



As outlined by Ms Stern, in the current international and European complicated environment (if not to mention Brexit), it is crucial to “equip people (students and researchers) with the tools to understand and value other people’s perspectives, to create a common language to agree and disagree, to create new platforms to extend cooperation between institutions”.

In a clearly stated intention to promote UK students and researcher and to provide them with the best support possible, Ms Stern made a firm offer that Ms Khaiat and all involved here could not refuse: “to join as a partner in the Go International, Stand Out Partner Programme of University UK International, and as such to be their first international partner “. And to such extend, to make sure that all is put in place to facilitate mobility and reciprocity.


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Campus France UK office
6 Cromwell Place, London SW7 2JN


France and the World cooperation in figures *
  • 220 people employed by Campus France in Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Montpellier, Strasbourg and Toulouse
  • 250 Campus France offices in more than 125 countries
  • 212 million higher education students in the world
  • 5.5 million internationally mobile students in the world
  • 4th host country for foreign students in the world: France
  • 1st non-English speaking host country for foreign students in the world: France
  • 343 386 foreign students enrolled in French higher education system in 2017/2018
  • 432 001 foreign students enrolled in UK higher education system in 2017/2018
  • 46% of foreign students in France come from the African continent
  • 31% of students enrolled in science in France are foreigners
  • 42% of candidates to postgraduate in france are foreigners
Franco-British Cooperation in Figures *
  • 4213 foreign students in France originate from the UK, of which 58% are women
  • 12 076 French students study in the UK (2.8% of foreign students)
  • 1400+ programmes taught in english in france
  • 7 770 students from France in the UK
  • 3 900 students from the UK in France

* UNESCO Statistical Institute