| Amina Itchir | Avril 2021 |


We thought dating in a big city such as London was challenging and frustrating. We never pictured this challenge to get bigger. It has been a year now that single men and women have had to adapt and change their ways. This pandemic has surely impacted every one of us. Particularly our dear singletons living on their own. Adding more anxiety to their day to day and more loneliness than one can bear.





I am Amina Itchir, Founder of Hera-elite. An exclusive dating agency based in London and operating globally. Our members seek our services to meet potential partners matching their criteria, this past year has been about supporting everyone emotionally, making sure our members remain sane and hopeful. We have paused memberships when requested or needed. Some of our members were open for virtual dates. others thought it was a great time to either work on themselves or rethink some of their criteria.

Timing is key, sometimes in life, unexpected things happen. Circumstances we have absolutely no control over. This pandemic hasn’t been easy on anyone. Many couples separated after having faced the sad reality of their current relationship. Not having any social interactions certainly did not help. Whether you are single with no kids, a single parent, a couple going through separation or divorce. This past year has taught us a lot and we must learn from it. We must remain as positive as we can. Below are few tips to help deal with being single during these unprecedented times.


Work on yourself 

If you believe you might benefit from coaching and therapy go for it now. If you need to simply rest, perfect timing. Review your criteria, review your past relationships and understand if there was pattern that needs changing. Get to know yourself better and nurture yourself. Many forget to do so. This is your chance to reset, think, improve and come out a better version of yourself.

Pause, reflect and be honest with yourself

Start with asking yourself a very simple question. What do I want? We often tend to neglect that question. In fact, we think more about what society expects us to do and put in too much effort to fit in. During this time, it is best to ignore what everyone else thinks of your choices, especially when it comes to the most important aspect of your life. Forget any influence you might have had over the years. A good exercise would be to write down the criteria you usually look for in a romantic interest, versus what you really need and value.


Do not forget that we are in this together

You might be physically alone, but how lucky are we to be able to communicate with family, friends, colleagues. It is totally understandable to be scared and wonder if someone will take care of you if you get sick. You will always have someone checking on you, bringing food and other necessities if you cannot go out. This is what friends are for. Stop worrying.


Organise your time

Let’s say that you work eight hours a day, you sleep for another eight. You would then have 8 hours left each day. I find this absolutely amazing. I do not think many of us have a quarter of that free time in our quietest weeks. Make sure you organise your day properly, otherwise you might find yourself spending eight whole hours reading the news, watching TV and wasting valuable time on social media. Select all the books you want to read, online courses you want to take, or other projects you would love to work on but have been lacking time in your busy lifestyle.


Don’t sit there and wait for this pandemic to be over

Do yourself a favour and do something about your love life. Don’t use Covid-19 as an excuse. Whether you are usually out there dating and trying new ways, or shying away from the dating scene altogether; this is the time to think about what you can do differently, what else you can try? There is so much one can reflect and work on. Consider asking friends to introduce you to someone, join an app, make an enquiry at a dating agency service. Whether you join or not, enquire, seek help, and find out what can work for you best.

I truly hope this terrible pandemic teaches us a few lessons, about ourselves and most importantly our life choices. Invest in your love life, this is the most important investment and it will certainly pay the greatest dividends.


Amina Itchir
Founder of Hera-Elite