| Florence Dupuy-Pardo | Octobre 2019 |


Ginelle Bell, class of 2018 (Master in Management and Creativity). Crédit photo : Alexio Ferrao


ESCP Europe

Founded in 1819, ESCP Europe was the world’s first business school. For the past 200 years, ESCP Europe can be proud of having pioneered a large number of innovations such as the “case method” and the gap year, subsequently adopted all over the world. Today it is the only pan-European school, with six campuses in Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Turin and Warsaw, and an associated campus in Luxembourg.

There have been significant changes since the School’s foundation : the political economics classes are now taught alongside humanities-oriented courses, and applied sciences in a laboratory have given way to coding and big data. The entrepreneurial vision of the founders still prevails, however, shining through in the success of the Blue Factory, the School’s incubator that will soon be present on all ESCP Europe campuses.


In Varietate Concordia

The 2019 Graduate Business Conference was hosted by ESCP Europe and adopted the motto of the European Union : In Varietate Concordia, meaning United in Diversity. Diversity and cultural blending have always been a part of ESCP Europe’s DNA. In fact, the class of 1824 was comprised of 30% international students representing over 15 different nationalities. ESCP Europe deeply understands the importance of celebrating the differences that make individuals unique and valuable, and further, that these differences will shape the future.

The school has more recently grown from 3,500 students to 6,000 students per year, and its renown places it amongst the world’s major universities.


Excellence of the education

The ESCP Europe brand global reach relies on the excellence of the education and on a unique value proposition of six campuses in the centre of major European cities. The Master in Management, the School’s original flagship programme, is now complemented by a full portfolio of diplomas : Bachelor, Masters, MBAs, PhD and Executive Education.

ESCP Europe has consistently achieved outstanding results in the international Financial Times rankings, a global reference point for excellence in education : the Advanced Master in Finance is ranked 2nd worldwide, and the Master in Management 5th. ESCP Europe’s London School and Campus was also recognised in 2018 as the UK Business School of the Year at the Times Higher Education Awards.


Equal Opportunity Scholarship Programme

For ESCP Europe’s bicentenary year, the School is setting its sights on a vast programme of multi-campus investments, as well as a significant investment in social solidarity through the expansion of the Equal Opportunity Scholarship Programme.

Due to the elimination of the subsidies from the Chamber of Commerce, ESCP Europe’s tuition fees have unfortunately had to be dramatically increased over the past few years. But the School seeks to continue to attract the brightest students, regardless of their financial means. This is why it is now critical to offer scholarships to an increasing number of students.

ESCP Europe’s Equal Opportunity Scholarship Programme is directed towards outstanding students that are facing economic, family or other problems prevalent in today’s society.

Listening to students who have been granted scholarships makes the importance of this programme even more obvious :

Léna Walder (class 2020) : “Thanks to the Scholarship Programme I now have a much clearer mind and can concentrate better on my studies. I deeply appreciate this help and truly hope that I can give something back one day ! We all know that everyone should have equal opportunities in life – donors make it possible.”

Vaianui Iro (class 2018) : “There were times when I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it, working late-night shifts and part-time jobs to be financially accountable. The scholarship definitely came as a gift and an unexpected miracle, I must say. So in the words of my own, I say: Mauru’uru roa (Thank you very much).”


ESCP Europe Foundation

ESCP Europe supported over 650 students with scholarships in 2018, representing a total of over €4 million, 25% of which was funded by the ESCP Europe Foundation.

The Foundation was created in 2005 to support the School and its students through fundraising within the alumni community and business community. The support of the Alumni community is vital for the strength and credibility of a school.

In 2018, the first ESCP Europe Fundraising Gala generated an unprecedented mobilisation, demonstrating the unity and dynamism of the alumni network. This year, the Bicentenary edition of the Fundraising Gala will take place in London on 7th November 2019, striving for even better results than last year.

To mark the Bicentenary, the Foundation is also launching a new campaign to convince as many alumni as possible to become donors. All contributions are important, even small amounts, and the objective is to double the number of donors from 500 to 1,000 in 2019. Each donor of at least €500 (€200 for those who graduated after 2010) will see their name (or the name of their choice) on the ESCP Europe Bicentenary Wall.

Participating to these initiatives can be a very nice way to “give back” to the school that has allowed the start of one’s career.


Florence Dupuypardo
ESCP London Development Manager