| Pierre Gabaix, 14 years old, Ecole Jeannine Manuel, nominée dans la catégorie collège du Concours du Jeune Journaliste 2020 | Mai 2020 |


knight in the shining armour of Earth


Everyone should be trying to help our planet but unfortunately, not everyone knows how to do it. Throughout the years, the message has been trying to get to all parts of the world and now that this message, this “our planet is dying, do something” has gone through, the people are starting to act upon it, some of them know very little about it and do the best they can. People who are trying to help the planet recycle as it is one of the most basic and fundamental ways to help mother Earth.


But most of us are hardly doing anything and no one can blame them as even though they know they need to do something, they do not know what it is as no one has told them. So here if you have been reading this article, you now know one of the ways to help the planet, recycling but by continuing reading, you will be aware of all the other ways you can help everyone around you and you will contribute to saving the planet and spreading the message so that many more like you can spread and save!


We have chosen pieces of advice for you and we will break each one of them step by step.


Firstly, for those of you who every weekday go to work, school or anywhere with your car and even with the bus or the tube station, stop. Walk, use your legs, they were created for something, right? And if you want to go somewhere far away, use a bike or a scooter and if it’s to go even farther away, use an electric car or train. And I know you might be telling yourself “Nah doesn’t matter if I do or don’t. One person will not make a difference”. But that is where you are wrong, it is by being together, as a community that we can reach to others and make sure everyone does their part. As every single person has the power to save the planet.


But locally, buying local food is more sustainable as it helps local businesses live and makes sure that there will always be food near in case of an outbreak. It makes sure people are less dependent on imported food and are safer as they will always have the local food to rely on. Also, it decreases the contribution of the UK in the process of global warming as less import will mean less travel by air or water and less Co2 being released.


Secondly, plant trees or give money to a charity to plant trees for you. One of the easiest ways is to give the £2 Tuesday morning coffee to a charity like teamtrees. Why should you do it? It’s easy, trees use carbon to grow and leave us, humans, with oxygen so it’s a win-win. Volunteer to help plant trees, for example, go to charities and ask them if they need help. Remember, it is by helping others that you can make strong connections and educate others to help save the planet.


Thirdly, save water to make sure that our oceans are no longer polluted. I mean do you want to be the killer of Margaret the turtle? No, you do not, so try and not let the shower or the tap on too much and do not put chemicals into waterways as it could kill the living beings in the ocean. So try using nontoxic chemicals.

The sun, the natural resources of the earth: you must use them so try not to rely too much on coal or fuel to power your car and home. No, try using the sun. You can easily buy solar panels here www.greenmatch.co.uk/solar-energy/solar-panels. You will help the environment and also you won’t ever be stressed about paying those electrical bills as you are now independent.


Now I know that it is really difficult to actually achieve all of those but we have interviewed for you a local London citizen and here is what he told us:

  • Sir, are you contributing to helping the planet?
  • Yes, I am. Well a little
  • Perfect and can you please tell us how you are helping. What do you or your family daily do?
  • Firstly, every day, my children and wife walk to school and to the office. This, of course, is reducing our carbon footprint. We also recycle a lot now and it is very easy. I mean all we do is put the plastic into a separate bin and someone comes and takes our recycled products away to make sure it does not go anywhere it must not, like in the sea. We have also planted many plants in our garden and they help in reducing the greenhouse effect. Finally, we have started to reduce our water usages.
  • Thank you very much


Now you know the easiest ways to save the Earth. So save and spread.


Pierre Gabaix
14 years old
Ecole Jeannine Manuel