| Geordie Groenhuysen | Décembre 2019 |


Les Fêtes Galantes of London Fields


Les Fêtes Galantes, an artist’s studio and residence which serves as a quirky little café by day and transforms into this sweet ‘boite de chocolat’  art gallery on special nights, definitely stands out under the stars above London Fields.


I recently saw a little exhibition called ‘Feasting on Femininity’ mid-October, not knowing what to expect. The art gallery took me by surprise as I turned my last corner in search of it. Like a playground attraction, the lights and colour caught my immediate attention and put a smile on my face. Shining bright in the autumn night, guests stood inside and out, sipping white wine out of tiny paper cups while viewing the luscious eclectic range of mixed media artwork, which touched and tickled with liberation, body, motherhood, opulence, friendship and sensuous love from all feminine angles. My top favourite three works were ‘Blue Sky Gossip’ by artist Helen Ballardie, ‘Boudior’ housed photography by artist Etienne Clement and the sumptuous cherries side of ‘Nostalgia’ by artist Emilia Symis.


Artist Etienne Clement’s concept and space of Les Fêtes Galantes is a little breath of fresh air and part of every artist’s dream I’m certain! His art includes the tiniest of photographs I’ve ever seen from his boudoir series. A feast for one’s eyes most definitely!  With the help of Anna Beketov and Jennifer Barcelos, the private view had a warm friendly vibe. It was a cosy and especially welcoming experience showcasing a variety of disciplines through that forever so relevant eye of female. A personalised social spot of interest, Les Fêtes Galantes is a place to keep your eye on. It touched me!


Review by Artist Geordie Groenhuysen


  • Location: Les Fetes Galantes de London Fields
    23 London Lane, London  E8 3PR, 020 8533 0773
  • Exhibition: Feasting On Femininity
    18 October – 15 December 2019

    Open weekends 10am – 5pm and by appointment weekdays

    Artists: Etienne Clement, Liz Watts, Texas and Glory, Emilia   Symis, Delphine Lebourgeois, Frances Willoughby, Luisa-Maria MacCormack, Helen Ballardie and J C Cowans.
    Curators: Anna Beketov and Jennifer Barcelos