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GensDeConfiance (People Of Trust), the largest classifieds ad website available only by recommendation, is now available in the UK, in English.


Finally a classifieds website without the scams

Before arriving in the UK, GensDeConfiance has come a long way. In 2014, the website gensdeconfiance.fr was launched from a little room in a small building in the centre of Nantes. From the start, it was just an idea: end scams on the internet. At the time, numerous sites let you buy, sell, and rent online. However, lots of people were getting scammed on these sites. Best case scenario, they didn’t receive a response to their message. Quite often, their meetings were cancelled at the last minute, and in the worst cases, they were scammed by people who took advantage of their naivety. The three founders of GensDeConfiance, Nicolas, Ulric, and Enguerrand, thought they could do better. They imagined a website where everyone could do business, with no risk, regardless of age, origin, or technical skills. As this website didn’t yet exist, the co-founders decided to create it. Once again: at this point, they were just three people, in a small flat in Nantes.

Little could they have imagined where their project would take them in just a few short years. Today, 5 years later, more than 550,000 people use GensDeConfiance in France to buy, sell, and rent. The site lets you view exclusive ads in categories ranging from property, motors, clothing, and employment. To date, around 700,000 ads have been published on the site. 

Confident in their system, the founders said it’s time to make the site available to their neighbours in the UK. They’ve crossed the channel (with the Eurostar).


Available from today in London

From today, people living in the UK can sign up for free on gensdeconfiance.fr and start to enjoy what has made the site successful in France, namely: the lack of scams and the exclusive ads. You can sign up from your computer or from your telephone (Android or iOS)

The system is simple: everyone can sign up for free on GensDeConfiance, however, you need to be referred by three members. Just like a club, GensDeConfiance is only available on recommendation. How do you find people to refer you?  Once again, it’s easy. Once your registration is complete, the site will help you go through your contacts and find existing members of GensDeConfiance. You need to simply send them a request to refer you. 


As you still don’t know GensDeConfiance, here’s a quick summary of what makes it different from other classifieds websites.
  • All ads are verified before being published. Before being published online, all ads are re-read and moderated by an experienced team, to filter out scams and poor quality ads. Rest assured that you’ll only see ads that have been verified.
  • They can be contacted if there’s an issue. The vast majority of transactions on GensDeConfiance run smoothly. However, if there’s ever a problem, their team of moderators are there to help with any situation.
  • They take little or no fees. Publishing an ad on GensDeConfiance is free, except in the case of seasonal or long term rentals. If you’re buying, GensDeConfiance is free, regardless of the category of the ads.
  • They get you in touch with real people. Members of GensDeConfiance present their true identity, just like in real life. In this way, you know who you are dealing with from the very first message.

If you have any questions about GensDeConfiance, send a mail to hello@gensdeconfiance.fr. Even if their site is complete, they still like talking to people.